Our goal in our karate Kids program is not only to provide Karate training, but also teach respect, discipline, pride, and self confidence.

      Shotokan practice also helps develop patience, courage, self-control, strength, flexibility, calmness, concentration, and reduces negative or violent attitudes. 

      Because Shotokan is a form of karate, when kids learn this style, they learn how to DEFEND themselves. In addition to providing them with a means of divert physical attack, Shotokan also helps to improve their speed, reaction time, striking ability, and awareness of an opponent. 

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      There is no greater skill than to know how to effectively defend yourself, and your family, in today’s world. You may be shy and lack self-confidence. You may have a hard time making friends. The practice of karate will help you overcome these difficulties through group training and your own individual work. Key mental and physical skills are essential such as knowing when, how and where to strike; while using your body to its fullest potential.o.